About Us

This website was created in order to help Canadian traders exploring Binary Options as an investment or trading strategy.

Because binary options is mostly an unregulated industry, the potential exists for bad actors to tarnish the industry, and while legislation in various countries is coming along, generally binary options brokers operate without much oversight.

On the plus side for the trader, lack of oversight means brokers pay less taxes and have less overhead, and therefore can give better offers to traders. To the negative, some brokers have taken advantage of binary options traders leading them to believe it is purely easy-money win, win, win.

As a way to help Canadians, we review brokers offering to serve them, explore legal and tax issues, help readers decide which bonus offers to accept, and recommend our favorite brokers to trade with. All in all we believe this will lead Canadian traders to a better, more positive experience with their binary options trading.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy our content. If you have questions or comments about our content or a specific broker, feel free to contact us using our contact form (coming soon).