Binary Options in Alberta

Alberta’s huge money supply needs to be invested somewhere, and more and more people are trying out binary options in order to gain faster rewards from their trading time. As it is seen as one of the fastest growing tools in the financial industry and one does not require large sums of money to begin, this may be the reason it attracts so many traders worldwide. AB is one of the largest provinces for binary options trading in Canada.

Binary options are currently legal in Alberta but there is currently no regulatory body overseeing the industry and offering protection to consumers. Traders as always are encouraged to do there own research before trading but are also able to look to the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) for advice, but we’ve addressed many of the common legal questions about Alberta ourselves. While it does not specifically regulate the binary options industry, the ASC is the agency responsible for the administration of securities laws and traders may turn to them for guidance and tips on safe trading.

With binary options growing, an increase in brokers available for traders of Alberta is positive news as it provides them with a wider selection and more bonus options from which to choose. However, more brokers also means that it can be overwhelming for traders to make an informed decision when choosing the best binary options brokers in Alberta. Our selection of our preferred binary options brokers for Albertans takes into account reputation, trade options, service quality and more.