Binary Options in Ontario

Ontario traders are absolutely in love with binary options. While traditional methods of investment are popular, in recent years, the financial industry has seen a considerable increase in binary options trading vs traditional stocks, options and bonds. This growing interest pushes traders to find the best sites for binary options in Ontario that will provide them with the finest trading experience available.

Although there are no specific regulations in place regarding binary options at this point, this does not mean that Ontarians are unable to partake in this exciting type of investment. In fact, trading binary options is legal in Ontario despite the fact that the industry is unregulated. Having said that Ontario does have the OSC (Ontario Securities Commission), which regulates over-the-counter financial dealings and can be used for more general questions.

As binary options brokers are not located in Canada investors should err on the cautious side when selecting the best binary options broker in Ontario, our broker guide for ontario will help. Smart traders should all do their own due diligence when it comes to platforms, sign up offers, and bonus offers — but we’ll do what we can to inform you the best we can.